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My musical journey


For as long as I can remember, music always had a big influence on me. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. When I was six years old, I saw Elvis Presley aka The King on TV with his famous “rubber legs” and crazy rhythms; I knew immediately that I had to play. So, I started banging away on washing powder barrels, which drove my mom and the neighbors insane, back then we lived in a small apartment. Without soundproofing, proper lessons or money to buy an actual set of drums, I was left … frustrated.

I was directed towards the accordion, which I dropped after only 3 months. I needed something different, something funkier. Then, as I was searching through my great grand father’s house like some adventuring archaeologist, I found the instrument that would become the extension of my hands, my soul, my compositions and my life: an ancient acoustic guitar that had once belonged to my godmother during her hippie days. It was old, dusty and had but three strings, yet I felt like I was holding the holy grail. I quickly asked for permission to take it, which was no problem considering the object’s condition and thus began my musical journey. I experimented for hours on end with my new found three stringed treasure. I was happy, I was making music … sort of!

Later, I would be swayed again when I discovered other great legends in my godmother’s old vinyl collection like Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen or the psychedelic Pink Floyd. The 80’s would be a turning point. New artists were trying new sounds, new styles, naturally great bands emerged, both talented and varied. However, one of them would enthrall me forever, its name is The Police and it’s … Waow!!.
Sting’s artistic legacy is unparalleled, a musical genius among a selected few that have forever influenced the way we think about music. I have a deep reverence for him and his work. He still motivates me to this day and gave me the push, back then, to follow my dreams.

I was 14, and what greater dream could a kid have than putting together a band and play music with his friends? So that’s how three music crazed guys started to make noise in a basement. Dino wanted to play keyboard, Dominique the drums, I started with the bass guitar, it had just one additional string to my old guitar and since we lacked vocals, I happily started to sing. We played every Sunday afternoon, and were soon looking for someone to play the guitar. Dino’s cousin played bass, so I switched again back to playing the guitar which turned out to be much more practical for singing.

I will never forget this time with my friends, however life and time took us in different directions; we were teenagers. Dino still plays, he’s a huge Depeche Mode fan and makes techno/trance now. Over the following 20 years I started multiple formations even recording a few albums. During that time, I was lucky to play along many talented musicians and a variety of venues. It was an all-around enriching experience and I got to try my hand on different instruments, most notably the bass, drums and guitar.

With my latest album Another Way, I wanted to create something more personal. The music and the lyrics are a pure form of personal expression to me. When you listen to it, you share in my universe.
Feel free to write me and tell me about yourself.

My musical style is between rock and funk. I love groovy rhythms and melodic sounds, I am often categorized into Pop/Rock.